Double chance in sports betting: what is it and when to use it?

Double chance in sports betting

There are several concepts that must be understood when deciding to enter the world of betting. For this reason, at Bodog we are willing to help you understand each one of them, so that it is possible to guarantee the best results from your first steps.

Thinking about the importance of understanding the existing betting modalities, in this article we will talk about a concept that is often mentioned in the field of sports betting: double chance.

What are double chance bets?

Also known as a double chance, double chance or X2 bet, the double chance is a modality in which you can double the chances of winning. This is because it consists of betting on two results at the same time, such as the victory of the home team or the visitor and, at the same time, a draw. These bets reduce the chance of defeat to a single chance in three, unlike the simple bet, in which the chance of victory and loss is divided 50%.

When to use the double opportunity modality?

This modality is aimed at sports that admit the possibility of three different results: victory of the home team, victory of the visiting team or tie. For this reason, it is usually used in football, but it is also accepted in other sports, such as rugby, handball, basketball and futsal, for example.

Since it is simple and offers more security, it is a good option for beginners. However, the most experienced can also try to develop winning strategies and specialize as bettors in this modality. Next, we present the advantages and disadvantages of placing this type of bet, so that you can draw your own conclusions.



Two possible outcomes

Among the types of existing sports bets, the double chance option allows you to bet on two of the three possible results of a match, thus offering the bettor more chances of victory.

Possibility of betting on only one of the stages of the match

Another advantage of this modality is that the bettor can launch the double result for only one of the stages of the match. In a football match, for example, the bet can be valid only for the first half or only for the second half.


Low odds

On the other hand, this modality usually offers a less attractive return, precisely because it increases the chances of victory. The profits will be greater depending on the number of bets made, since each of them will yield less, in terms of odds, than the modalities that offer the bettor the greatest risk.

So is it worth betting on the double chance?

double chance

Depends. Taking into account the advantages and disadvantages presented, if the bettor wants to make short-term profits, this is not one of the best options, since, as mentioned, the value of the odds ends up being low to compensate for the extra option to win, which makes the profits slower compared to other modalities in which the risks are higher.

However, if the bettor is more interested in making long-term profits, this is an excellent option, because despite the low value, it offers a higher chance of positive results. In addition, it can be used in different sports modalities and, over time, the bettor can develop the necessary experience to create their own strategies and find better winning conditions. The more you specialize in the modality, whatever it is, the more profit you will get.

In conclusion…

The fact that it is fairly safe makes double chance betting an excellent choice for beginning bettors as well as more experienced bettors who want to invest in the possibility of long-term profit. Therefore, it is important to keep informed about the performance and results of the teams and to verify which are the two most likely outcomes of the three possible. In this way, the chances of victory increase and, little by little, the bettor can become an expert in the modality.

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