How long does it take to receive money from Aviator?

eceive money from Aviator

After winning the so-called airplane game, many gamblers want to know how to make a withdrawal and how long until they can receive the money they won in the game. So let’s see the steps to be able to withdraw the money:

  • Log in to the site you have funds to receive;
  • After accessing the withdrawal page, select the amount to withdraw and also where the money will be sent;
  • Confirm the order and wait for it to be processed.

These are the standard steps and some other procedure may be required, depending on the game provider. The payment time is quite variable and takes into account the processing time between banks, and also administrative issues on the site itself, but sometimes the time can be up to a week.

Aviator: strategy

Despite being a very simple game, Aviator has many strategies that can be used so that the player can dream of winning a big prize and celebrate with his mates. The first thing to say is that it is necessary to use a bet value manager and it works for any type of slot machine.

Now let’s move on to some exclusive strategies for Aviator…

History line

History line

In Aviator there are much more subtleties than in ordinary slot machines. If, on the one hand, in the machines with reels it is difficult to remember the symbols, in the Aviator game it is possible to have the history of the last multiplier values that the plane reached.

This line is a great source of information about the latest values achieved by the plane and gives us advice on what to do in future bets. Too many small multiplications? Perhaps it is a matter of thinking that a great multiplication is on the way. Multipliers of more than X20 per sequence are common.

High values and low values

Some players use the high/low strategy; that is, they like to wait for higher multipliers by betting low and look for low multipliers by betting high.

This strategy seeks to avoid large losses at high bets, but can cause losses with low bets because you are looking for a high multiplier.

Play speed

One thing that must be very clear is that the bettor must place his bet quickly, since the game starts and ends automatically. If the bettor is late in betting, the game will start without the player participating in the game.

In a multi-spin historical series, losing a single game can cause the player to lose that one spin where a big multiplier would be expected.

Thunder Crash vs. Pilot

Many bettors who have never heard of these games want to know what a bet on Aviator is like and what a bet on ThunderCrash is like, and if there are many differences between them. In fact, it can be said that they are very similar games in terms of the way they play. Both use a vehicle that takes off and the higher it goes, the higher the multiplier.

ThunderCrash, however, is far superior to Aviator when it comes to sound effects and graphics. Whereas in Aviator you only have the plane, in ThunderCrash there is a spaceship that goes up and past astronauts, other ships and lots of asteroids.

Where to play ThunderCrash?

play ThunderCrash

If you want to play ThunderCrash, you can try it on the official Bodog site; remember that you can play in demo mode without registering.

Bodog always offers the best games and biggest bonuses, making it great for new and experienced players alike! To play you only need to be of legal age and have an internet access device, which can be a tablet, personal computer, laptop or even a cell phone. ThunderCrash is compatible with the main operating systems on the market.

Why should you play ThunderCrash for real money?

Many players are wondering if it is time to leave demo mode and move to real money mode. We have received hundreds of player feedback and we can list the reasons why these players left demo mode and switched to real money mode:

  • It is much more fun to play for real money as the risks and rewards are real.
  • If you win in demo mode, you will win in real mode if you follow a strategy.
  • The real mode allows disputes and competitions between friends.
  • The Aviator game is simple, so you don’t need to know odds and statistics like poker or blackjack to win money.
  • ThunderCrash is a game for adults: if you stay in demo mode, it is better to play video games with children.


The Aviator game is a different and very fun slot machine. With no reels, symbols, display lines or even paylines, Aviator relies on simple logic using only multipliers.

Seasoned players have been migrating to this new slot, at the same time the game wins over novice gamblers. Becoming all the rage among all players, slots like Aviator and ThunderCrash promise to be games that will revolutionize the online slots market.

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