Applying for a Grant

We’re here to help you help

The Grand Bend Community Foundation exists to support local charities with great ideas for improving our community. We look for creative projects that build on strengths and meet community needs and opportunities.

We offer grants in the following areas of interest:

Children and youth
Community facilities
Family and community
Physical activity and recreation
Social services
The environment
Arts and culture

Not sure if your organization is eligible? Ask us! We provide leadership in the community by helping organizations shape and fund innovative projects that enrich all our lives.

Click here to see a list of all our grants to date  

o How to apply

Grant applications are due each year on September 30. Be sure to start early, so that you have time to gather all the information you need. Please contact us about your project before beginning the application.  

Click here to read the grant application guidelines

Click here to complete and submit a grant application  for projects that benefit people living in the Grand Bend region.

Click here to complete and submit a grant application for projects that benefit people in the South Huron area.

Please note that the online application form cannot be saved and shared. We suggest that you answer the questions in a word processing program, finalize the content, and then cut and paste into the application.

o Let us know how your project went – Required by December 31

When we fund a project, we like to know what happened as a result. It helps us refine our granting process and lets us talk to our donors about the impact we are having in our community.  It may also help us when we come to consider another grant application from your organization.

The online evaluation form must be completed by December 31 of the year in which you receive your grant. Please let us know if you have any questions.